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Understanding the Basics of Totals Betting
When engaging in totals betting, your focus shifts away from which team might win to solely the total points scored in the game. In this form of betting, the outcome is irrelevant—whether it’s which team wins or by what margin.

Bookmakers set a predicted total score for each game, which forms the basis of totals betting. As a bettor, you decide if the actual score will be higher (betting “over”) or lower (betting “under”) than the bookmaker’s prediction.

Exploring Totals Betting with an Example
Consider a basketball game where the total points set by bookmakers is 219. This figure is crucial as it sets the stage for betting on “over” or “under.”

For instance, if you predict a high-scoring game between Cleveland and Boston surpassing 219 points, you would bet “over.” Conversely, a prediction of a defensive match yielding fewer than 219 points would lead you to bet “under.”

While this example uses an NBA game, the concept of totals betting applies across all sports that involve scoring points.

How Payouts Work in Totals Betting
In our scenario, you might notice odds such as -115 and -110 for both “over” and “under” bets. These odds reflect the potential return on bets, similar to a moneyline.

The odds demonstrate that doubling your investment on either outcome is unlikely, a common characteristic in over/under bets. Bookmakers often balance the probability, making it a fair guess whether the score will go over or under.

The influence of team performance is notable; high-scoring teams might shift the odds towards “over,” while lower-scoring teams could make “under” the favored bet.

The principle behind requiring a $110 bet to win $100, despite a perceived 50/50 chance, illustrates the bookmakers’ built-in margin (the 10% vig or “juice”), ensuring their profitability.

The Grand Salami: A Totals Betting Twist
A unique variation found in NHL betting is the “Grand Salami,” which allows bettors to wager on the total goals scored across all games on a given night.

Typically, NHL games have a standard over/under set at 5.5 goals. The Grand Salami takes this figure and multiplies it by the number of games played that night to determine the total goals over/under for the evening.

For example, with two NHL games scheduled, the Grand Salami might be set around 11 goals. Betting outcomes then depend on the actual goals scored across all games, providing an aggregate total that decides the fate of over or under bets.

In summary, totals betting offers a straightforward yet engaging way to participate in sports betting, focusing on the score rather than the game’s winner. This type of bet can be applied to any sport, adding a layer of strategy and excitement to your betting experience.

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