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What Is Dutching?
In gambling, dutching involves reducing risk by backing multiple selections in races or other sports events. The idea is to spread the risk and ensure that a win by any selection yields a consistent return. Precise calculations are needed to determine the stake for each selection so that all winning outcomes produce a uniform profit. This risk management strategy has been a part of the gambling world since the 17th century. By betting on multiple selections, dutching minimizes losses and increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Benefits of Dutching
Spreading risk across several selections while placing reasonable stakes has proven to be effective, although the calculations can be challenging. Despite its age, this strategy remains relevant. Dutching works with online bookmakers and isn’t limited to betting exchanges, giving punters access to a variety of exchanges and events. This approach secures or guarantees a standard profit, often confused with arbing.

Origins of Dutching
The term originates from “Schultz,” the nickname of legendary New York mobster Simon Flegenheimer. Known for his involvement in illegal lotteries, Schultz developed this strategy while betting on horse races. He would spread his stake across multiple favorite horses, ensuring a profit regardless of the winner. This pioneering idea, applied just before the races began, significantly improved Schultz’s profits over time.

How Dutching Works in Betting
The principle behind dutching is straightforward: divide your stake across the odds of multiple selections to yield the same profit, regardless of the winner. However, the challenge lies in accurately calculating the stakes needed to ensure profitability.

To maximize profits, focus on finding profitable odds. The number of selections determines the potential profitability. For instance:

  • 50 for a 1-0 score (1/3.50 x 100%) = 28%
  • 6 for a 2-0 score (1/6 x 100%) = 16%
  • 10 for a 2-1 score (1/10 x 100%) = 10%

After calculating the implied profitability, the stakes can be determined using this formula:
Stake Amount = (Stake Amount x Total Percentage) / Stake Amount. For instance:

  • (28/50 x 100) = €56
  • (16/50 x 100) = €32
  • (10/50 x 100) = €20

Rather than manually calculating multiple stakes, online dutching calculators can expedite the process, enabling quicker decision-making.

Dutching Strategies
This strategy works well in greyhound and horse racing, where it’s possible to distribute risk across multiple selections. For optimal results, choose two to three races or events, verifying each selection’s odds and the required stakes. Multiple bets improve the chances of success.

While there’s a possibility of losing every selection, the risk is significantly reduced by diversifying. If one selection wins, it compensates for losses in others. While football dutching isn’t as popular as racing, it can be used for 3-way selections, correct scores, or halftime/fulltime betting.

Pros of Dutch Betting

  • Allows smaller bets on multiple selections while remaining profitable.
  • Effective for correct scores, double chances, and 3-way markets, guaranteeing returns regardless of which team wins.
  • Enables better bankroll control, calculating potential profit or loss to guide risk management.


  • Complex and requires a stable bankroll, as spreading the stake can magnify losses.
  • Poor math skills can hinder decision-making, leading to incorrect stakes.
  • Time-consuming due to calculations, leaving less time to identify better odds.

In conclusion, while dutching offers strategic advantages, it demands careful calculations and consistent discipline to maximize profits and minimize losses.

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