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Sports betting presents an opportunity for bettors to earn substantial rewards rapidly. Those entering the world of sports betting must familiarize themselves with the variety of betting options available. This knowledge significantly boosts a bettor’s likelihood of success and enhances their decision-making process to maximize profits. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Heinz betting system.

What Is the Heinz System Bet?

Originally referred to as Heinz 57 bets, the Heinz bet comprises six selections incorporated into a single wager. This system involves 57 different bets spread across selections in six distinct events, including one six-fold accumulator, six five-folds, 15 four-folds, 10 trebles, and 15 doubles.

The name “Heinz” derives from the Heinz brand, famous for its 57 varieties of condiments, as its founder, Henry J Heinz, considered the number 57 to be particularly fortuitous.

Among full-cover bets, the Heinz bet is as popular as the Yankee and Trixie bets. Despite encompassing a multitude of bets, it is relatively straightforward to understand and implement. Experienced bettors often employ Heinz bets to manage overall risk effectively, as not all selections need to win to yield a return.

How Does the Heinz Bet Function?

In the Heinz betting system, individual selections are combined to form various accumulator bets. This betting approach is inherently risky since it omits single bets and relies heavily on multiple selections winning to secure a profit or even just to break even.

Bettors place an identical stake on each of the 57 bets, leading to a significant total stake. For instance, a £1 stake per bet results in a total outlay of £57. If a bettor decides to stake £10, the total cost escalates to £570.

A minimum of two successful bets is necessary to secure a return, although this does not necessarily equate to a profitable outcome. As the number of successful bets increases, so too does the profitability of the returns.

Strategies for Winning with a Heinz Bet

The potential to win a Heinz bet largely hinges on the odds of the selections. With odds around 5/1 per selection, at least two successful bets are needed to achieve a reasonable return. This system does not include single bets, so choosing selections with a higher likelihood of winning is crucial.

Alternatively, selecting lower-priced options can increase the chances of winning, though this typically results in lower payouts. Nonetheless, this strategy generally offers greater profits compared to placing six separate single bets.

Guidelines for Placing a Heinz Bet

Placing a Heinz bet through online bookmakers is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose Six Events: Select six different events since most bookmakers don’t allow multiple bets on the same event.
  2. Add to Bet Slip: After adding these events to your bet slip, choose the multiples option to explore all possible combinations.
  3. Set Your Stake: Remember, your stake will be multiplied by 57, as the same amount is placed on each bet within the Heinz system.

Example of a Heinz Bet in Sports Betting

Consider placing a Heinz bet across six Premier League matches with a £10 stake per bet, totaling £570. For simplicity, let’s assume odds of 2.45 for each selection:

  • Man Utd v West Ham Utd – Man Utd to win
  • Liverpool v Brighton – Both Teams to Score
  • Chelsea v Crystal Palace – Chelsea to score first
  • Everton v Arsenal – Over 2.5 goals
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Wolves – Draw
  • Man City v Aston Villa – Man City to win

If only Manchester United and Manchester City win, the payout would be calculated as 10 x 2.45 x 2.45 = £60, which is significantly less than the initial stake.

Heinz vs. 6-Fold ACCAs

While both bets involve multiple selections, the Heinz bet provides returns even if not all bets win, unlike a 6-fold ACCA, which requires all six bets to succeed to yield a return. This makes the Heinz system slightly less risky.


Although not as commonly used as other betting forms, Heinz bets offer a viable alternative to traditional accumulator bets by trading a slightly lower reward potential for reduced risk. They are particularly beneficial for using free bet bonuses effectively.

Heinz Betting System FAQ

  • ❔ What Is an Each Way Heinz Bet?
    In an each-way Heinz, all 57 bets are placed each way, doubling the total stake but potentially returning on any selection that wins or places.
  • 🏆 Difference Between Heinz and Lucky 63?
    The Lucky 63 includes singles, making it larger with 63 bets, and offers returns with only one winning selection, unlike the Heinz’s 57 bets.
  • 💶 Most Popular Sports for Heinz Bets?
    Heinz is highly favored in horse racing due to the longer odds, but it’s also used in greyhound racing, football, and basketball.
  • 💳 How Many Selections in a Heinz Bet?
    A Heinz bet involves 57 equal bets on six different events.
  • ❔ How Many Doubles in a Heinz Bet?
    There are 15 doubles in a standard Heinz bet.
  • 🏆 Do All Bookmakers Offer Heinz Bets?
    While not universal, most reputable bookmakers offer the Heinz betting system.
  • 💶 Is the Heinz System Profitable?
    The Heinz system can be profitable if four or more selections win.
  • 💳 What Happens with a Non-Runner in a Heinz Bet?
    Non-runners do not affect the Heinz bet; accumulators adjust by excluding the non-runner.
  • 🤔 What Is a Super Heinz Bet?
    The Super Heinz includes 120 bets across seven picks, increasing both potential returns and the stake compared to the standard Heinz.

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