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The National Football League (NFL), featuring 32 teams split evenly between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, is the pinnacle of American football and the most gambled-on sport in North America. The NFL’s popularity for betting is greater than ever, fueled by the dynamic and intense nature of the sport where professional players demonstrate exceptional skill, speed, and strength. In the United States, fans passionately place bets primarily on Sundays, and also on Mondays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays. Engaging in NFL betting can be lucrative if you dedicate time to research and analyze past games. This article will explore the different bet markets available, how to engage in NFL betting, and the terminology used in the sport.

NFL Betting Glossary

For newcomers to NFL betting, understanding the plethora of terms used can be daunting. It’s challenging to bet on something you don’t fully understand, thus learning the glossary of terms is crucial. Here are some essential terms every bettor should know:

  • Against the Spread (ATS): This involves betting that a team will lose within a specific range of points.
  • American Odds: Also known as moneyline odds, these odds show the exact amount you need to wager to win a certain amount.
  • Cover the Spread: This is the opposite of betting against the spread, where you bet that the favorite will win by more points than the spread.
  • Dime Line: This term refers to the mathematical difference between what is paid out for a favorite’s win versus a bet on the underdog.
  • Drifted Odds: This occurs when odds increase during the event.
  • Fin Bet: Known also as a financial bet or a “banker.”
  • Getting Points: Refers to an increase in the totals markets.
  • Grand Bet: Also known as a value bet.
  • Longshot: Betting on an underdog to win in an unlikely scenario.
  • Steam Movement: A sudden, unpredicted odds movement occurring shortly before an event starts.
  • Straight Up (SU): Occurs when a team beats the point spread.

Understanding these terms and the structure of NFL betting will enhance your betting strategy and increase your chances of making profitable bets. As you delve deeper into NFL betting, remember that success requires both knowledge of the sport and the ability to apply strategic betting practices effectively.

NFL Betting Explained

American football offers a variety of bet markets for enthusiasts looking to place wagers. These include money line, spread betting, first quarter lines, half-time lines, and totals (over/under).

NFL Spread Betting

In spread betting, the spread is the number of points by which the underdog is advantaged, known as “beating the spread.” Conversely, betting on “covering the spread” involves wagering that the favored team will win by more points than the set spread.

NFL Money Line

Money line betting is a staple in NFL wagering, where bettors pick one of the two teams to win outright. This market is less profitable in terms of odds for favored events, which often feature lower odds. However, betting on underdogs can be lucrative, as they come with higher odds and the potential for significant returns on successful bets.

First Quarter Lines

Bookmakers now offer betting markets specifically for the first quarter of the game. Odds for these bets are typically higher before the match starts, as they provide better returns compared to second-half bets. Seasoned punters often favor first quarter lines due to these attractive odds.

Halftime Lines

Similar to first quarter lines but for the second quarter, halftime lines allow punters to bet on which team will be ahead at the half. This market benefits from real-time data obtained during the first quarter, making it a preferred choice for many NFL bettors.

Totals (Over/Under)

Betting on totals involves predicting whether a team will exceed a specified point total (“over”) or not reach it (“under”). There is also the option to bet on the combined total points of both teams at the end of a given period.

How to Bet on NFL Parlays

Parlays allow punters to combine multiple bets into a single wager. Common combinations include halftime, totals over/under, spread bets, and the money line. While parlays offer higher potential returns, they are also riskier; success requires winning all individual bets within the parlay. The difficulty and risk increase with each additional bet included in the parlay.

Understanding NFL Teasers

NFL teasers are a type of parlay where each leg of the bet involves adjusting the point spread in favor of the bettor. Common teaser adjustments are 6 points, 6.5 points, and 7 points. For instance, in a 6-point teaser, an 8-point favorite would be adjusted to only needing to win by more than 2 points.

Future Bets in American Football

Future bets involve predicting long-term outcomes such as which team will win the championship or the Super Bowl at the end of the season. This type of betting demands patience and considerable insight into the teams’ performances and potential, as early-season predictions can be particularly challenging.

These various betting options provide numerous opportunities for engaging with NFL games, offering both excitement and the potential for profit to informed and strategic bettors.

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