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In the realm of sports betting, a single wager often doesn’t suffice for substantial wins. Hence, many bettors prefer to amalgamate several wagers into a larger bet. Round Robin Betting offers a distinctive advantage over traditional accumulators, as it doesn’t require combining all bets on a single betslip. Instead, bets are grouped, significantly enhancing the chances of winning. Let’s delve into the details of this betting style and how it can be used to improve your winning odds.

What is the Round Robin System Bet?

A round-robin bet involves making several smaller parlays out of a larger list of teams. Unlike a simple Trixie bet, which excludes singles, the round-robin incorporates them. For instance, a typical round-robin might include seven bets divided among three events—three singles, one accumulator, and three doubles. If you were to place $1 on each selection, the total would be $7. This system allows you to spread out your bets across a broader range of potential outcomes, thereby enhancing your chances of winning even if one group fails.

How Does the Round Robin Bet Work?

Named after the “round-robin” tournament style where each team competes against every other team, this betting approach mirrors that concept by forming parlays among selected teams. Upon choosing your teams, the bookmaker automatically generates multiple parlay combinations. For example, with five teams, your combinations might include:

  • 10 two-team parlays
  • 10 three-team parlays
  • 5 four-team parlays
  • 1 five-team parlay

Adding more teams exponentially increases the number of possible parlays, such as 2,036 parlays with an 11-team selection.

Winning Strategies for Round Robin Bets

Winning a round-robin bet depends on the chosen team combinations and their performance. Unlike standard parlay or up-and-down bets, if all selected teams win, the payout is typically larger than that of a single parlay including all teams. Conversely, if some selections lose, profits can still be realized, albeit smaller. For instance, a $10 bet on a three-team parlay at -110 odds might net $59.6, whereas a similar three-team round-robin could yield $99.2 in profit.

How to Place a Round Robin Bet

Placing a round-robin bet is straightforward:

  1. Choose the Round Robin Option: At your preferred sportsbook, select the round-robin betting option.
  2. Select Your Games: Pick the games you wish to bet on. Some platforms might require selecting the games before enabling the round-robin feature.
  3. The Software Does the Rest: The bookmaker’s software automatically calculates the total bet amount after you input the minimum stake.

Example of Round Robin Betting in Sports

Consider these three NFL games:

  • Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens – Ravens win
  • Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers – Panthers win
  • Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Bills win

Your round-robin bet might look like:

  • 1st Parlay: Bills + Ravens
  • 2nd Parlay: Bills + Panthers
  • 3rd Parlay: Panthers + Ravens

Betting $10 on each parlay results in a total expenditure of $30. If each parlay wins and each pays $30, your total would be $90. Profit requires at least two parlays to win.

Difference Between Round Robin and 3-Fold ACCAs

While a three-fold bet (or treble) involves consecutive winning selections to succeed, a round-robin doesn’t hinge on all bets winning. This format allows for returns even if one or more combinations fail, providing a buffer against total loss.


Round-robin betting separates multi-bets into manageable units, reducing the risk associated with a single loss wiping out the entire stake. This format not only enhances the potential for profit but also introduces more complexity into the betting strategy, requiring careful analysis and selection.

Round Robin Betting System FAQ

  • ❔ What Is Each Way Round Robin?
    Each way in a round-robin involves two bets per selection: one for the win and one for placing, as defined by the bookmaker.
  • 🏆 Popular Sports for Round Robin Bets?
    Horse racing is particularly popular for round-robin bets due to the structure of the bets involving multiple selections.
  • 💶 How Many Selections Are Included in a Round Robin Bet?
    The number of selections varies based on how many games or teams you choose.
  • 💳 Alternative Names for Round Robins?
    Round robins are also known as all-play-all tournament bets, reflecting their comprehensive coverage of combinations.
  • 🤔 Difference Between Round Robins and Parlays?
    While parlays combine all selections into one bet, round robins separate them into multiple smaller bets, each independently capable of earning returns.
  • ❔ Availability of Round Robin Bets at Bookmakers?
    Not all bookmakers offer round-robin bets, so it’s best to check with your preferred betting site.

By understanding and applying these strategies, bettors can enhance their betting portfolio and increase their chances of winning through the strategic use of round-robin bets.

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