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The Asian handicap is a favored betting market provided by bookmakers across various sports events, though it is predominantly popular in football, especially in the over/under markets. To place a bet on these markets, a specific goal number must be met for the bet to be valid; if the conditions aren’t met, the bet is void.

There are several types of Asian handicap markets, including full goal, half goal, and quarter goal bets. The main difference lies in the range, with the goal difference acting as the match decider, which can be more or less depending on the bet type. Essentially, the Asian handicap gives the likely favorite a goal disadvantage, and to win the bet, the team must exceed the given goal threshold.

Over/Under 0.5 Goals

Known as the half goal, since a full goal is a single number. To win this bet, the selected team must score at least one goal. For the under 0.5 goals bet, the match must end 0-0. The odds for under 0.5 are usually higher because it’s more likely for either team to score.

Over/Under 0.75 Goals

This bet type is more complex, involving a quarter value of 0.75 goals. The stake is split into half (0.5) and a quarter (0.25). If a goal is scored for over 0.75, the bet is valid, and for under 0.75, it’s void if more than a goal is scored. If exactly one goal is scored for under 0.75, half the stake is returned, and the other half is lost, varying by bookmaker.

Over 1 Goal / Under 1 Goal

This represents a full goal Asian handicap. Betting on this means wagering on a goal line; an extra goal is needed to win. If the match ends with a single goal difference, a full refund is typically provided. If the match is goalless, the bet is lost. For under 1 goal, the same applies: if more than one goal is scored, the bet is off, and a goalless match results in a win. Refunds may be given if the match ends with one goal, making this a safe bet type.

Over 1.25 / Under 1.25 Goals

This type splits the margin between a half and full goal handicap, similar to over/under 0.75. If a predicted over match ends with only one goal, half the stake is returned for over 1 goal, and the rest is lost for over 0.25. A goalless match means the bet is lost. For under 1.25, if less than one goal is scored, the bet wins, including a 0-0 outcome.

Over 1.75 / Under 1.75 Goals

Combining full and quarter goals, the win margin here is two goals. For over 1.75, if the match ends with more than two goals, you win. For under 1.75, less than two goals are needed. If the match ends with exactly two goals, half the stake is refunded for under 2 and the rest wins for over 1.5. The same applies for under bets, where under 1.5 wins and under 2 is refunded.

Over 2 / Under 2 Goals

A bet on over 2 or under 2 goals requires the match to end with more or fewer than two goals. If the match ends 1-0 or 1-1, the over bet loses as it doesn’t meet the over 2 requirement, and the under bet wins. If the match ends with exactly two goals, both bets are refunded according to the bookmaker’s policy.

Over 2.25 / Under 2.25 Goals

For a match ending with more than three goals, the over 2.25 bet wins. If the match ends with fewer than three goals, the under 2.25 bet is valid. If the match ends with two goals, the over bet loses and the under bet wins.

Over 2.5 / Under 2.5 Goals

A popular choice among experienced bettors, this market involves predicting whether a match will have three or more goals (over 2.5) or fewer than two goals (under 2.5). The bet wins if the goal range is not violated.

Over 2.75 / Under 2.75 Goals

Similar to over/under 2.25, this bet requires three or more goals to win for over 2.75 and fewer than three goals for under 2.75.

In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of Asian handicap total goals markets can enhance your betting strategy. By analyzing different types of bets and their conditions, you can make more informed decisions and potentially increase your winnings.

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